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The minimally invasive nature of laser scar-revision treatments means that they are well tolerated by patients, and faster recovery times allow the psychological impact of scar revision treatments to be realized much sooner by patients


How Laser Treatment for Scars Works

With our top of the line laser that reduces scars, we can treat any area you are concerned about, including the face, arms, back, upper torso and neck. This procedure works in 2 ways. First, heat from the laser removes the top layer of your skin where there is scar tissue. This leads to the top layer of skin peeling off, making the skin underneath appear smoother. As the scar tissue breaks apart, heat and light from the laser also encourages new, healthy skin cells to grow. This combination makes scars look less red and raised. It also promotes the healing and rejuvenation of your skin. Individual results will vary depending on the severity of the scars and the amount of treatments.

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